REBS Display at Enmanji Buddhist Temple

Bonsai Display for the 63rd Enmanji Buddhist Temple Chicken Teriyaki and Bazaar.

On Saturday afternoon, a small Redwood Empire Bonsai Society (REBS) contingency of members, led by Art Kopecky, met at the Enmanji Buddhist Temple in Sebastopol, California, in order to set-up a bonsai display in preparation for all day Sunday, July 9, 2017 63rd Chicken Teriyaki and Bazaar.

REBS has been participating in the Enmanji Buddhist Temple’s annual event for many years. It is a wonderful opportunity to promote the art of bonsai and club membership. In addition, information is provided for REBS up-coming August 34th Annual Bonsai Show.

The bonsai display is small, about 15 to 20 bonsai and additional accent plants. In addition, a working space is provided for the members to perform light work on their trees.

Jim McClashan is working on some sun damage to his Shimpaku juniper during the display event.

Japanese Hinoki cypress on display by Janet Price of Lone Pine Gardens, Sebastopol, California.

Art Kopecky’s Japanese maple grove planting.

Trident maple root over rock displayed by Janet Price of Lone Pine Gardens, Sebastopol, California.

Wayne Culp answers questions from event goers about his Cork Bark elm grove planting.

Art Kopecky and Wayne Culp pause for a moment for the camera.

Other REBS members participating the display event were: John Roehl, Chris Garrett, George Haas, Peter Naughton, Paul Wycoff, Ian Price.

– George Haas

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