Pacific Bonsai Expo

Pacific Bonsai Expo

An Exhibition of Extraordinary Bonsai

The Bridge Yard

Oakland, California

November 12-13, 2022

The Pacific Bonsai Expo is the vision of Jonas Dupuich, Eric and Dory Schrader, consisting of the historic Oakland’s Bridge Yard venue, 75 displays of juried bonsai and the community’s top vendors. There will be a trophy for Best in show and $10,000 in cash prizes for Large Conifer, Large Deciduous, Large Broadleaf Evergreen, Medium display, and Shohin display. A Saturday evening banquet and awards ceremony will highlight the event. Tickets for day passes, weekend passes, commemorative photo book and banquet will go on sale soon.

Jurors Bjorn Bjorholm, Ryan Neil, and William N. Valavanis selected the trees. The exhibitors are the judges.

Details can be found at

This is just the beginning! For the past 14 years, the east coast held the biannual US National Bonsai Exhibition in Rochester, New York. Finally, Pacific Bonsai Expo will be located on the west coast in Oakland, California. There are discussions of making it biannually with the potential of rotating it between Oakland and Portland, Oregon.

It will take a community to build this show. Your support is needed by raising funds and volunteering in the actual event.

REBS board has agreed to solicit funds from the membership in an effort to raise $500 towards direct support of Pacific Bonsai Expo. The funds will provide donor recognition and four admission passes. The four admission passes will be raffled at some future REBS general meeting or event. Please make your donation before or on July 30.

Any amount of funds is greatly appreciated. Mail your check payable to REBS with a memo “Pacific Bonsai Expo” to: Treasurer Paul Wycoff, 6550 Stone Bridge Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95409-5833

8 thoughts on “Pacific Bonsai Expo”

  1. I am proud to be the first member to add $50 to this matching fund for the Pacific Bonsai Expo. There deserves to be a national level show on the west coast. The planning and development of this show is first rate. Jonas and Eric have been closely linked to shows of the highest quality in Japan and across the United States for the last 20 years. They know the business.

    As individual bonsai practitioners we must support furthering our interest. If we can get individual donations that total $250 or more the board will match that amount. When REBS donates $500 to the PBE we will be listed in all materials as a Donor, an active member of the Bonsai Community here.

    George Haas followed my lead by matching that first $50 pledge. Just a few more donations and we will make our goal. If donations are more than the goal of $250 the board may have to dig deeper to match our individual donations!

    Step up with your support. Send in your $20 or $50 to Paul Wycoff right away. Thanks, Michael Murtaugh

  2. Michael Murtaugh and George Haas have contributed $50 each towards the goal of raising $500 in support of Pacific Bonsai Expo 2022. The funds go to making the vision of a nationwide bonsai exhibit and competition here on the west coast. We can exceed our goal even by REBS members making $5, $10 or $50 donations. We can build on Pacific Bonsai Expo for the future through community support.

  3. Hi George, I think the Pacific Bonsai Expo is a great idea, and I will
    also contribute $50.


  4. Hi George,

    I think the Pacific Bonsai Expo is a great idea. I will also contribute $50.00.
    Paul Wycoff

  5. As of July 30, 2022, REBS members have donated $530 in support of the Pacific Bonsai Expo, 106% of our goal of $500.

    1. Hello Anthony,

      There will be top quality bonsai vendors from around the country present. Search PBE and see the inaugural event of 2022.

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