GSBF Golden Statements Magazine Live

The Golden State Bonsai Federation (GSBF) Golden Statements Magazine is now free and online live.

Here is a direct link to the Golden Statements Magazine for your reading enjoyment.

2 thoughts on “GSBF Golden Statements Magazine Live”

  1. I recently bought several of your past issues, and enjoyed them all.
    Do you offer subscriptions for sale to the general public.

    I am a member of the San Diego Bonsai Club and I would to get your magazine. I know they are about to be offered on-line, but I’m “old school” and would like hard copies. I hope that offering them on the internet doesn’t mean you’re abandoning publishing hard cover versions of the magazine.

    1. Hello William,

      If you are referring to GSBF Golden Statements magazine, it was suspended due to lack of funds for continuing the digital magazine. I am not sure GSBF is planning on reinstating the digital anytime soon.

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