Northern California Bonsai Resources
Bonsai Nurseries and Professional Bonsai Artists

Art of the Dazia / Jerry Braswell – Custom Suiseki and Bonsai Stands. Woodworking, craftsman stands.

Sierra Nevada Foothills


Bonchi Bonsai / Matthew Walker – Matthew sells bonsai and bonsai supplies including copper wire. He teaches classes and leads workshops. Garden open by appointment.

Greater Bay Area


Bonsai Boon / Boon Manakitivipart – Boon sells trees, teaches classes, and leads study groups. Garden open by appointment.

Sierra Nevada Foothills


Bonsai Tonight / Jonas Dupuich – The Bonsai Tonight Online Store sells tools, soil, wire, and supplies. Jonas teaches classes and sells trees. Garden open by appointment.

San Francisco Bay Area


Carman’s Nursery – Carman’s has bonsai starters, dwarf, rare, and unusual plants suitable for bonsai or accent plants.

8470 Pharmer Road

Gilroy, CA 95020-9463


Danny Powell – Trees for sale.

San Francisco Bay Area

Dirty Locust Garden Center / Ron & KD Anderson – The Dirty Locust Garden Center sells bonsai, pots, tools, and supplies. It offers educational classes, tree maintenance, and bonsai consulting services.

Greater Sacramento Area


Eric Schrader / Bonsaify – Eric is a Bay Area-based bonsai professional who offers classes, styling services, and bonsai for sale. Previously blogged at Phutu.

San Francisco Bay Area


Evergreen Gardenworks – Evergreen Gardenworks grows traditional, rare and unusual species of plants for use as bonsai.

Lake County

Grove Way Bonsai Nursery – Grove Way Bonsai Nursery is a retail nursery that sells trees, pots, tools, and supplies. 27

1239 Grove Way

Hayward, California 94541


Jerry’s Suiseki and Viewing Stones – Jerry Braswell sells viewing stones and stands for bonsai. Custom stands are built to order.

Sierra Nevada foothills


Lone Pine Gardens – Lone Pine Gardens produces container- and field-grown pre-bonsai.

6450 Lone Pine Road

Sebastopol, CA 95472


Lotus Bonsai Nursery & Gardens – Lotus Bonsai Nursery sells trees at different stages of development, pots, and supplies. They offer services including workshops, tree boarding, and styling.

1435 Lower Lake Drive

Placerville, CA 95667

(530) 622-9681

Maruyama Bonsai Nursery – Maruyama Bonsai Nursery sells trees, pots, tools, soil, and supplies.

1423 47th Avenue

Sacramento, CA 95822

(916) 421-6888

Mendocino Coast Bonsai – Mendocino Coast Bonsai specializes in collected trees including redwoods, junipers, coast live oaks, and Mendocino pygmy cypress.

Mendocino County

(707) 884-4126

North American Satsuki Bonsai Center – The North American Satsuki Bonsai Center sells trees, pots, tools, soil, and supplies.

San Francisco Bay Area

Peter Tea – Peter styles trees, teaches classes, and sells bonsai trees and supplies including copper wire. Previously blogged at Peter Tea Bonsai.

Greater Sacramento Area

Soh-Ju-En Satsuki Bonsai – Soh-Ju-En Satsuki Bonsai sells bonsai, soil and supplies.

Greater Bay Area